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Emergency Services 9-function multi-tool:

Designed for emergency service personnel:  EFFECTIVE for passive entry along with other common emergency scene tasks. Our tools are always made locally by Firefighters NEVER OVERSEAS!

Stored Size: 5.375″ x 8″ x .075″

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The SMOKE SQUARE is our one piece soft entry multi-tool which features many of the additional function similar to our innovative TRI-BLADE. The SMOKE SQUARE is cut using a mild steel and coated to provide a great appearance as well as resistance to rusting. Much like our TRI-BLADE we have designed this tool to be as compact as possible without sacrificing functionality, easily store the SMOKE SQUARE in your turnout gear pocket or on the rig.

DO MORE WITH LESS – 9-function multi-tool

  1. Latch Wedge – used for over coming security plates that obstruct ordinary access to the door latch with a regular shove knife.
  2. Modified Shove Knife – our modified “over sized” shove knife design makes this extremely easy to use and control the latch.
  3. Gas Shut-Off Wrench – used to shut off gas supply to the structure.
  4. O2 Cylinder Wrench – used to open and close oxygen cylinders.
  5. 8mm Wrench (12 point) – intended for but not limited to, battery removal at MVC’s as part of vehicle de- energization.
  6. 10 mm Wrench (12 point) – intended for but not limited to, battery removal at MVC’s as part of vehicle de- energization.
  7. Window Punch – for gaining access to a vehicles interior and glass removal as part of a vehicle extrication.
  8. Hose Keys – used to assist in tightening or loosening hose couplings.
  9. Through The Lock Tip – used as a means of manipulating a lock mechanism, when TTL tactics are used.

With the SMOKE SQUARE in your pocket you’ll always have options!

Size – 5.375″ x 8″

Thickness- .075″

Weight – 115 grams

Weight 115 g
Dimensions 8 × 5.375 × 0.075 in


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