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Having a bit of trouble opening up your brand new TRI-BLADE? Not quite sure how to master the uses of the tool, like in our videos?  DON’T SWEAT IT!! These are a couple very common questions and we’re here to HELP! Here we will show you some very EFFECTIVE and EASY techniques that will immediately improve your proficiency with the TRI-BLADE!



A demonstration showing the versatility of the TRI-BLADE, defeating secondary locks such as: door chain locks, swing bar locks, hotel privacy locks, lever locksets and security plates. This tool is used to help emergency responders safe time, to help save lives and reduce property damage.

"how to open"

Yes we’ve heard it time and time again –  “what is the trick to opening the tool? The tabs are sooo tight,”  This is completely normal, your brand new TRI-BLADE will eventually “break in” with use. In the meantime follow these simple tips and see how easy it really is.

"our technique"

Watch this video for some KEY TIPS and PROPER TECHNIQUE on using your TRI-BLADE. Like any new tool there is always a slight learning curve. However we GUARANTEE if you follow these tips you will have great success. REMEMBER we are loiding a latch, NOT FORCING A DOOR. If a latch appears “jammed” more force is not the solution, there may be an anti-loiding pin engaged.

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