Frequently Asked Questions

 Why is my payment failing?

    Incomplete or failed payments can be caused by a range of a few very common issues. First –  verify that all of your information is correct: if any of your billing / banking information does not match your financial institutions your payment will not process. Make sure your address / card number / expiration date are all accurate and correct.          Second – make sure you do not have an international charge block on your card: Some financial institutions apply an international charge block on accounts as an anti-fraud protection. This will generally be the cause of the failed payment, you are able to follow up with your financial institution and have this removed temporarily to allow the charge.

How should I care for my TRI-BLADE?

   Always store your TRI-BLADE dry! The TRI-BLADE is made of a high-alloy steel, like any steel it is prone to rusting. Keeping the tool in damp or wet gear pockets will surely rust the blade, even when stored in the holster. If your gear gets drenched or your TRI-BLADE is wet, be sure to fully remove any water and store the tool dry. The TRI-BLADE is not a prying tool and is not intended to be used as one. That being said we have tested the shear strength of the tool to its limits, the results demonstrate the tool will not fail under normal use. 

    If you have allowed rust to form on your tool:  we recommend a spray with a lubricating oil, followed by a light sand with a high grit sandpaper.

Will the TRI-BLADE open every door?

   In short the answer is no, there is not a single tool on the market that will open every door / lock that you may encounter. We strongly recommend that you practice often with the TRI-BLADE until you develop the feel / technique for using the tool. This is best accomplished on a door in which you know can be loided, find a door without a functional loiding pin. Once you have your door practice, practice, practice! The TRI-BLADE is a finesse style tool for a passive / respectful entry approach, brute force with no technique will not offer favorable outcomes. REMEMBER – if a door cannot be loided, your only options are TTL or forcing the door. . . . . . . . . . . .NEVER DELAY ENTRY WHEN TIME IS CRUCIAL!!